Flip Flop License Plate


Flip Flop License Plate

flip flop license plate

    license plate

  • A sign affixed to a vehicle displaying a series of letters or numbers indicating that the vehicle has been registered with the state
  • A vehicle registration plate is a metal or plastic plate attached to a motor vehicle or trailer for official identification purposes. The registration identifier is a numeric or alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies the vehicle within the issuing region’s database.
  • a plate mounted on the front and back of car and bearing the car’s registration number
  • The People’s Republic of China issues vehicles licence plates at its Vehicle Management Offices, under the administration of the Ministry of Public Security.

    flip flop

  • A light sandal, typically of plastic or rubber, with a thong between the big and second toe
  • A backward handspring
  • reversal: a decision to reverse an earlier decision
  • An abrupt reversal of policy
  • interchange: reverse (a direction, attitude, or course of action)
  • a backless sandal held to the foot by a thong between the big toe and the second toe

flip flop license plate – LP –

LP – 1178 Flip Flops License Plate – X366
LP - 1178 Flip Flops License Plate - X366
Smart Blonde is one of the largest factory-direct distributors of novelty aluminum signs and license plates in the U.S. and we are manufacturers too. Every item we carry is of the utmost highest quality aluminum metal because we believe it absolutely matters! We have compared plastic and the super heavy weight steel (3 lbs each) signs and license plates, as well as the very ultra thin lightweight aluminum embossed and non-embossed signs. Our conclusion was simple: Plastic was really just ok, steel was way too heavy to ship and stock and the ultra lightweight aluminum… well they just bend like a piece of paper. Flip Flops License Plate

that's my name!

that's my name!
It’s of course very hard to prove this now, because it’s hard to prove a negative, but through my entire childhood, it was VERY difficult to find any personalized items (mini license plates, zipper pulls, etc.) for kids with the name "Katherine" on them. Not spelled that way, anyway–I would encounter "Kathryn." And "Kathy," and "Cathy." But I swear, I only found "Katherine" a couple times (I’ve got a rubber stamp somewhere). The name has become MUCH more common in the years since–I’m used to being in a public places, hearing someone call out "Katherine," and realizing it’s directed at a grade-school kid. So now, if I look at displays of personalized stuff, along with the endless variations of "Kayla" and "Katelyn" and such, I nearly always find "Katherine."

I didn’t buy this keychain at the Mall of America, not for $7! But I did buy a tiny flip-flop keychain for $3 that says "Katherine."

Washington, D.C. license plate display

Washington, D.C. license plate display
At the 2011 Automobile License Plate Collectors’ Association convention in Charleston, WV.

This rather exhaustive selection of plates was rounded up over the years by J. Ray Frank of Maryland and displayed in the convention by Rich Dragon, who’s an expert on the topic. The display boards were so long that the whole thing was difficult to photograph in one frame.

flip flop license plate

flip flop license plate

Flip Flops Beach Metal License Plate Frame
Give your vehicle a touch of style and individuality with this high quality premium license plate frame made of polished steel. This frame has a durable metal construction and a shiny chrome finish, which gives it a unique and expensive look. The eye-catching sturdy construction of this frame puts feeble plastic frames to shame. It weights about 1 pound and measures about 12.5 x 6.5 inches outside. The distance between two holes is about 7 inches. The frame fits all standard USA and Canada 12×6 license plates and can be used for the front or the back of a car. This frame is brand new and well packaged.
The lettering and artwork are done with weather and car wash resistant vinyl that is waterproof and won’t fade and will last for many years.
This frame also makes a great gift. Sophisticated and trendy, your frame will be the perfect finishing touch on any vehicle.